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When magnetically stimulating peripheral nerves, a local cocontraction of muscle under the coil is observed. We assessed whether this contraction results from: (1) magnetic stimulation of motor nerves, or (2) direct depolarization of the muscle membrane. Wrist extensor muscles of normal subjects were magnetically stimulated with the coil placed directly(More)
BACKGROUND Rarely an affection of the optic nerve is seen as the initial or only manifestation of sarcoidosis. Therefore the disease is often diagnosed late. The aim of systemic corticosteroid therapy is to prevent progression though it cannot yield a cure. PATIENT AND METHOD Despite a high-dose corticosteroid therapy in suspected optic neuritis a(More)
Ultrasound is an integral part of obstetric practice, and assessment of gestational age (GA) is a central element of obstetric ultrasonography. Sonographic estimation of GA is derived from calculations based on fetal measurements. Numerous equations for GA calculation from fetal biometry have been adopted in routine practice. This study reports a new method(More)
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