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Assembly is a fundamental issue in the volume production of products that include microscopic (submillimeter) parts. These parts are often fabricated in parallel at high density but must then be assembled into patterns with lower spatial density. In this paper we propose a new approach to microassembly using 1) ultrasonic vibration to eliminate friction and(More)
Children under 24 months of age are at high risk for serious infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae but they do not elicit effective immune responses to the currently available capsular polysaccharide vaccines. A polysaccharide protein conjugated vaccine involving the most frequent types has become an urgent need. To produce such a vaccine for Latin(More)
The macroscopical, histological and histochemical study of the ovary of Hoplias m. malabaricus during its annual cycle makes it possible to classify oocytes in nine stages, which characteristics, inherent to each stage, have given evidence of certain aspects still unknown for this species. The hormonal induction by homologous hypophysis makes it possible to(More)
The final maturation and the ovulation were induced in recently collected specimenes of Hoplias m. malabaricus that show oocytes with complete vitellogenesis, by using homologous hypophysis. The hormonal supply was a gradual and positive results were obtained with 9 to 10 hypophysis/kg injected according to 3 different methods. The time of oocytes'(More)