Al Pisano

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Assembly is a fundamental issue in the volume production of products that include microscopic submil-limeter parts. These parts are often fabricated i n p ar-allel at high density but must then be assembled into patterns with lower spatial density. In this paper we propose a new approach to microassembly using 1 ul-trasonic vibration to eliminate friction(More)
Sardinian population can be instrumental in defining the molecular basis of cancer, using the identity-by-descent method. We selected seven Sardinian breast cancer families originating from the northern-central part of the island with multiple affected members in different generations. We genotyped 106 members of the seven families and 20 control nuclear(More)
Hormonal therapy is the preferred systemic treatment for recurrent or metastatic, post-menopausal hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. Previous studies have shown that there is no cross-resistance between exemestane and reversible aromatase inhibitors. Exposure to hormonal therapy does not hamper later response to chemotherapy. Patients with locally(More)
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