Al Muhsen Abbas

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The number of software products available in market is increasing rapidly. Many a time, multiple companies develop software products of similar functionalities. Thus the competition among those owning companies is becoming tougher every day. Moreover, there are many crucial programs whose results should be always accurate without fail. As a consequence of(More)
This paper reports a case study in applying Constraint-Satisfaction techniques to university and school timetabling. It involves the construction of a substantial, carefully speci ed, fully tested and fully operational system. The software engineering aspect of Constraint-Satisfaction is emphasized in this paper. Constraint-Satisfaction problems are(More)
Devising a scheme for allocation of research grant is a challenging task. In this paper, we discuss how one can compute the research grant to be allocated to either a faculty member or a research student. Our scheme makes weighted incentives to compute the meritocratic portion of the research grant. The weights are computed using the number of earned points(More)
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