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Standard therapy requires high amounts of drugs, with subsequent risks of harmful effects on normal tissues. A treatment method that possible can avoid these risks is based on magnetic carriers (the method is designated also as magnetic carrier technique). The method consists in the selective attachment on a micro particle (permanent or reversible bonds),(More)
The aim of this paper is to summarize few aspects and underline some difficulties that hemocompatibility testing come up. The purpose of hemocompatibility testing is to look for possible undesirable changes in the blood caused directly by a medical device, by chemicals leaching from a device or biomaterials. Undesirable effects of device materials on the(More)
The embolization of blood vessels is used on a large scale: the method is applied in different diseases, in the ablation of organs, but especially in tumor necrosis. The embolization can be also magnetic, if the embolus is obtained through the deposit in the vessel of magnetic nano or microparticles in the presence of an external magnetic field. The(More)
UNLABELLED The authors present an experimental study realized in order to simulate blood detoxification with the help of supermagnetic nanoparticles. The particles used are red oxide nanoparticles which are considered to be equivalent from a magnetic susceptibility and dynamic diameter point of view to the complex structures of magnetite nanoparticles. (More)
This work presents in brief some expectations related to the solution of certain biomedical problems by using a non-conventional physical method: The high-gradient magnetic separation (HGMS). At first a short presentation of the HGMS method is given and then its application in separation of the human blood components is reported. The up to date intensely(More)
The record of 50 postpartum women who intended to breast-feed for longer than 6 month were analyzed. Fifty percent of the women breast-feed longer than 12 month, and 50% resumed menses by 40 weeks after childbirth. Fifty-two women record of mucus and basal body temperature (BBT) fort at least 4 week before resumption of menses. Ovulation before menses while(More)
The authors present the importance of stroboscopy in the larynx examination. They insist to prove the functional modifies of the voice specially at the singers also all patients who use the voice more frequently. This method permits to make a differential diagnosis between the inflammatory and tumoral diseases of the larynx.
The paper presents an overview on magnetic techniques of bio-processing and some of their possible applications. These techniques are in fact direct, or more frequently, indirect magnetic means for separation of particulate substances. A brief presentation of direct and of the most important indirect methods (magnetic carrier and magnetic fluids(More)
UNLABELLED Biofeedback therapy is a learning process that is based on "operant conditioning" techniques. AIM To estimate the significance of biofeedback to an accurate and faster control of singing voice emission. RESULTS Significantly, it was discovered that professional singers active in performing of both classical and music theatre repertoire with(More)