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Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a relatively common disorder whose cause is still unknown. Oral cancer is preceded in most cases by pre malignant lesions-leukoplasia, submucous fibrosis and lichen planus. Free radicals and reactive oxygen species play important roles in both pathogenesis of lichen planus and carcinogenesis. Thus monitoring systemic and saliva(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of fractures on measured physical performance and to assess whether specific fractures have unique sequelae. SUBJECTS 762 men and women, aged 70 to 79 at baseline, who were part of the MacArthur Study of Successful Aging. DESIGN A longitudinal case-cohort: those with prevalent fractures at baseline were excluded; cases(More)
In systems consisting of multiple clusters of processors which employ space sharing for scheduling jobs, such as our Distributed ASCI 1 Supercomputer (DAS), co-allocation, i.e., the simultaneous allocation of processors to single jobs in multiple clusters, may be required. In order to handle both single-cluster (local) jobs and multi-cluster (global) jobs,(More)
Photodynamic therapy is an emerging method for local destruction of tissue by generating toxic oxygen species using light absorbed by an administered or an endogenously generated photosensitiser. It is a promising treatment for patients with cancer. More recently it has found increasing use as a method of therapy for non-cancerous illnesses. Following(More)
An important criterion in the diagnostic and therapeutic assessment of severe true mandibular prognathia (characterized by excessive growth of the mandible and hiperdivergent facial growth pattern) is the orientation of the occlusal plane compared with the facial benchmark represented by the Frankfurt horizontal line. This is because orthognatic surgery in(More)