Al-Attar Ali Mohamed

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Grey wolf optimizer (GWO) is a new technique, which can be applied successfully for solving optimized problems. The GWO indeed simulates the leadership hierarchy and hunting mechanism of grey wolves. There are four types of grey wolves which are alpha, beta, delta and omega. Those four types can be used for simulating the leadership hierarchy. In order to(More)
This paper introduce a novel design of the static VAR compensator (SVC) controller for damping power system oscillations. A multi layer neural network model tuned by Grey Wolf Optimization algorithm (GWO) is investigated and presented. GWO search algorithm is used to optimized all the connection of weights and biases for the artificial neural network. The(More)
Energy efficiency, which consists of using less energy or improve service level to energy consumers. But its increasing pressure on the energy sector to control greenhouse gases forced the engineers to consider the emission problem as a consequential matter besides the economic problems. This paper presents a modified Multi-Objective Optimization algorithm(More)
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