Al-Anoud Mohammed Al-Thani

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Despite their wealth and modern road systems, traffic injury rates in Middle Eastern countries are generally higher than those in Western countries. The authors examined traffic injuries in Qatar during 2000-2010, a period of rapid population growth, focusing on the impact of speed control cameras installed in 2007 on overall injury rates and mortality.(More)
Qatar has a high burden of chronic diseases including obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Low serum vitamin D levels have been implicated in the development and progression of a range of these chronic conditions. The prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency in the general population of Qatar has still not been(More)
Recent advances in medical technology and key discoveries in biomedical research have the potential to improve human health in an unprecedented fashion. As a result, many of the Arab Gulf countries, particularly Qatar are devoting increasing resources toward establishing centers of excellence in biomedical research. However, there are challenges that must(More)
C l i n M e d International Library Citation: Al-Thani MH, Al-Thani AA, Al-Chetachi WF, Khalifa SAH, Akram H, et al. (2015) Dietary and Nutritional Factors Influencing Obesity in Qatari Adults and the Modifying Effect of Physical Activity. J Obes Weight-Loss Medic 1:007 Received: June 22, 2015: Accepted: September 08, 2015: Published: September 10, 2015(More)
BACKGROUND Developing effective public health policies and strategies for interventions necessitates an assessment of the structure, dynamics, disease rates and causes of death in a population. Lately, Qatar has undertaken development resurgence in health and economy that resulted in improving the standard of health services and health status of the entire(More)
Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a prominent public health problem in Qatar with one of the highest prevalence in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Obesity continues to be a challenging public health problem in Qatar along with other social determinants contributing to the high DM prevalence. Objective: This paper examines the data from Qatar(More)
INTRODUCTION Availability of accurate data pertaining to a population's dietary patterns and associated health outcomes is critical for proper development and implementation of related policies. This article is a first attempt to share the food patterns, amounts and diet quality among households (HH) in Qatar. METHODS Data from the 2012-2013 Qatar(More)
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