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In this paper we report the autopsy findings of a 57 year old woman who died unexpectedly at home. She had been complaining of shortness of breath, episodes of dry coughing, and nausea. Her past medical and social history was unremarkable. She had no previous history of any viral or bacterial disease and no history of oncological disorders. Autopsy revealed(More)
In this case report the authors describe histomorphological findings of acute lung injury with laboratory-confirmed influenza type A(H1N1) pneumonia leading to the death of a 30 year-old unvaccinated man after 27 days of hospitalisation. Histologically all three types of acute lung injuries were unusually present (diffuse alveolar damage, acute interstitial(More)
Traumatic pseudoaneurysms are relatively frequently mentioned in textbooks of pathology and forensic medicine but their incidence in pathological reports is seldom documented. Our described case presented a patient who suffered from chronic alcoholism and who was repeatedly hospitalised because of various injuries including epidural and subdural hematomas.(More)
In this paper we report the autopsy findings of a long-term warfarinized 60-year-old man who died unexpectedly 2 days after undergoing laparoscopic transabdominal pre-peritoneal (TAPP) inguinal hernia repair. In his medical records it was stated that the perioperative and postoperative period was uneventful with no sign of bleeding and he was discharged the(More)
Truncus arteriosus communis is an uncommon congenital cardiovascular malformation characterized by a single arterial trunk that arises from the base of the heart and gives rise to the coronary, pulmonary and systemic arteries. The prognosis in truncus arteriosus is very poor without surgical correction. The median age at death without surgery ranges from 2(More)
In this paper, we report the autopsy findings of a 42-year-old White male who was found deceased at his home by his brother in the early morning hours with a history of excessive alcohol consumption 1 day before his death. A medical record review revealed chronic alcohol use with alcohol dependence syndrome, hypertension, and cardiac arrhythmias by(More)
In this paper we report the autopsy findings of a 7 year old girl who presented with headache, nausea and repeated vomiting and died unexpectedly at home. She had no previous history of major illnesses and no history of epileptic seizures. External examination revealed ocular abnormalities. Internal examination demonstrated severe cerebral edema with(More)
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