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Does egg colouration signal female and egg quality in reed warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus)?
To explain the evolution of egg colouration in open cup nesting species, a number of functions have been suggested. Recent studies focus on the role of eggshell colour as a postmating sexuallyExpand
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Identification of Rickettsia africae and Wolbachia sp. in Ceratophyllus garei fleas from Passerine birds migrated from Africa.
The aim of the study was to reveal new aspects of the role of flea vector taken from migratory birds by screening of specimens with molecular biological methods. A field study was done in fishpondsExpand
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Covariation between eggshell colouration and eggshell bacteria abundance and egg characteristics in blackbirds
Several functions have been proposed to explain eggshell colouration in birds. Eggshell colour may, for instance, signal female egg investment and hence the quality of the female and/or the egg. SuchExpand
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Behavioural response of Eurasian Blackcaps to acoustically simulated conspecific and heterospecific male intruders
Interspecific territoriality can frequently be observed in the animal kingdom, including birds. One important factor driving the degree of interspecific territoriality is competition for resources.Expand
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