Akundi P. Kalanidhi

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BACKGROUND We have developed a manufacturing strategy that can improve the safety and genetic stability of recombinant live-attenuated chimeric dengue vaccine (DENVax) viruses. These viruses, containing the pre-membrane (prM) and envelope (E) genes of dengue serotypes 1-4 in the replicative background of the attenuated dengue-2 PDK-53 vaccine virus(More)
A rabies DNA vaccine consisting of plasmid DNA expressing the rabies virus surface glycoprotein was injected (im) twice at two week interval to outbred swiss mice or Bonnet monkeys (Macaca radiata) and the levels of rabies virus neutralizing antibody (VNA) titres were examined over a one year period. In mice, the VNA titre was maintained above the minimum(More)
Serum antibody assay of 1045 serum samples from birds vaccinated with Newcastle Disease vaccine by HI test and ELISA was carried out. Five hundred and twenty seven birds were challenged with virulent virus and data on HI test, ELISA and challenge test results were used for comparison. A good correlation between HI titres, ELISA absorbance and potency was(More)
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