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Electrical Resistance Tomography Imaging of Concrete
We apply Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) for three dimensional imaging of concrete. In ERT, alternating currents are injected into the target using an array of electrodes attached to theExpand
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Sparsity reconstruction in electrical impedance tomography: An experimental evaluation
We investigate the potential of sparsity constraints in the electrical impedance tomography (EIT) inverse problem of inferring the distributed conductivity based on boundary potential measurements.Expand
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State estimation with fluid dynamical evolution models in process tomography - an application to impedance tomography
In this paper we consider the reconstruction of rapidly varying objects in process tomography. The evolution of the physical parameters can often be approximated with stochastic convection-diffusionExpand
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Bayesian Approach to Tree Detection Based on Airborne Laser Scanning Data
In this paper, we consider a computational method for detecting trees on the basis of airborne laser scanning (ALS) data. In the approach, locations, heights, and crown shapes of trees are trackedExpand
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A nonlinear approach to difference imaging in EIT; assessment of the robustness in the presence of modelling errors
Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is highly sensitive to modelling errors that arise from model reductions and inaccurate knowledge of auxiliary model parameters such as electrode positions,Expand
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Electrical impedance tomography-based sensing skin for quantitative imaging of damage in concrete
This paper outlines the development of a large-area sensing skin for damage detection in concrete structures. The developed sensing skin consists of a thin layer of electrically conductive copperExpand
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Simultaneous recovery of admittivity and body shape in electrical impedance tomography: An experimental evaluation
In this paper, the simultaneous retrieval of the exterior boundary shape and the interior admittivity distribution of an examined body in electrical impedance tomography is considered. TheExpand
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Posterior covariance related optimal current patterns in electrical impedance tomography
Within the deterministic inversion framework, the optimal current pattern theory of electrical impedance tomography is well developed. This theory focuses on the notion of distinguishability, whichExpand
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Electrical impedance tomography imaging with reduced-order model based on proper orthogonal decomposition
Abstract. Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is an imaging modality in which the conductivity distribution inside a target is reconstructed based on voltage measurements from the target’s surface.Expand
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Electrical Resistance Tomography for Assessment of Cracks in Concrete
A study on the feasibility of using electrical resistance tomography (ERT) for detecting cracks in concrete is presented in this article. The previous studies have demonstrated that cracks inExpand
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