Aku Seppänen

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This document reports an Open 2D Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) data set. The EIT measurements were collected from a circular body (a flat tank filled with saline) with various choices of conductive and resistive inclusions. Data are available at http://fips.fi/ EIT_dataset.php and can be freely used for scientific purposes with appropriate(More)
In a typical inverse problem, a spatially distributed parameter in a physical model is estimated from indirect measurements of model output. Since measurements are stochastic in nature, so is any parameter estimate. Moreover, in the Bayesian setting, the choice of regularization corresponds to the definition of the prior probability density function, which(More)
Difference imaging aims at recovery of the change in the optical properties of a body based on measurements before and after the change. Conventionally, the image reconstruction is based on using difference of the measurements and a linear approximation of the observation model. One of the main benefits of the linearized difference reconstruction is that(More)