Akshaya Srivatsa

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—We present a 1 2 all-optical packet switch. All the processing of the header information is carried out in the optical domain. The optical headers are recognized by employing the two-pulse correlation principle in a semiconductor laser amplifier in loop optical mirror (SLALOM) configuration. The processed header information is stored in an optical(More)
Real-time streaming signal processing systems typically desire high throughput and low latency. Many such systems can be modeled as synchronous data flow graphs. In this paper, we address the problem of multi-objective mapping of SDF graphs onto heterogeneous multi-processor platforms. The primary contributions include (1) an integer linear programming(More)
Optics has been used in computing for a number of years but the main emphasis has been and continues to be to link portions of computers, for communications, or more intrinsically in devices that have some optical application or component. Optical digital computers are still some years away; however a number of devices that can ultimately lead to real(More)
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