Akshay Srinivasan

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Production of silver nanoparticles from the leaf extracts of Pimenta dioica is reported for the first time in this paper. Three different sets of leaves were utilized for the synthesis of nanoparticles-fresh, hot-air oven dried, and sun-dried. These nanoparticles were characterized using UV-Vis spectroscopy and AFM. The results were diverse in that(More)
Acknowledgements I still remember the day I stepped into what was destined to be my home for a good fraction of the past 4 years; it was July, the Monsoons were in full swing, pouring down on those of us, unwise enough to wander off without an umbrella, without as much as a hint of warning. In hindsight, Chemical Engineering perhaps was probably not the(More)
— Computing the Newton step for a generic function f : R N → R takes O(N 3) flops. In this paper, we explore avenues for reducing this bound, when the computational structure of f is known beforehand. It is shown that the Newton step can be computed in time, linear in the size of the computational-graph, and cubic in its tree-width.
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