Akshay Nanjangud

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— Four equilibria of a nonlinear quadrotor model are considered as a problem for simultaneous stabilization. Linearizations at these equilibria represent the operating modes corresponding to hover, vertical translation with any constant velocity, and horizontal translations with either any constant roll angle tilt or any constant pitch angle tilt. The(More)
— Linear models of bicycles with rigidly attached riders, operating at different forward speeds, are considered as a challenging platform for the simultaneous stabilization problem. It is shown that any number of such models obtained at reasonable speeds can be simultaneously stabilized using simple, low-order controllers with only the steering torque as(More)
— It is shown that any number of MIMO plants that have no zeros in the region of instability can be simultaneously stabilized using low order linear, time-invariant integral-action controllers. These plants may be stable or unstable and may have poles anywhere in the complex plane. The common controller achieves asymptotic tracking of step-input references(More)
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