Akshay Mangla

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Private, voluntary compliance programs, promoted by global corporations and non-governmental organizations alike, have produced only modest and uneven improvements in working conditions and labor rights in most global supply chains. Through a detailed study of a major global apparel company and its suppliers, this paper argues that this compliance model(More)
The widely used RF Figures-of-Merit such as transit frequency (&#x0192;<inf>t</inf>) and maximum frequency of oscillation (&#x0192;<inf>max</inf>), are only partial measures of performance and not well adapted to ultra-low power RF design. These FoMs are narrowly defined to characterize the speed of operation but without any consideration about the power(More)
This paper analyzes the effect of a woman’s electoral victory on women’s subsequent political participation. Using the regression discontinuity afforded by close elections between women and men in India’s state elections, we find that a woman winning office leads to a large and significant increase in the share of female candidates from major political(More)
This paper investigates whether the event of a woman winning office in a competitive election encourages women’s future participation in politics, using constituency level data for elections to India’s state assemblies and a regression discontinuity design. On average, we find that female incumbents are more likely than male incumbents to re-contest but(More)
Regulations essential for improving labor standards are often ignored to the detriment of workers. In many countries, the agencies charged with enforcement lack resources and are subject to political interference. How can inspectors in flawed bureaucracies overcome these barriers and enforce labor regulations? Based on case studies of subnational variation(More)
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