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Virtualization technology used in Cloud computing shares the underlying hardware and provides computing resources through virtual machines (VM). VMs provide isolation among different operating systems.Resource utilization could be improved by balancing the loads on the cluster which can be achieved through dynamic migrations of virtual machines wherever(More)
  • Akshay Jain
  • 2012
The recent advances in signal processing techniques as well as the VLSI circuits that can handle orders of calculations, have led to rather more efficient and faster data communications possible. This is quite visible with the introduction of 4G wireless services, which introduce OFDM/OFDMA that are quite complex in computations, but are handled easily by(More)
— The Encrypted File System (EFS) pushes encryption services into the file system itself. EFS supports secure storage at the system level through a standard UNIX file system interface to encrypted files. User can associate a cryptographic key with the directories they wish to protect. Files in these directories (as well as their pathname components) are(More)
—The primary objective of this paper is to highlight the need for and benefits of studying the steady state and dynamic response of power systems using three phase integrated transmission and distribution (T&D) system models (hereafter referred to as hybrid models). Modeling and simulation requirements for building and analyzing hybrid models are also(More)
When it comes to any type of crime it is just not a good picture to paint. Crime is a worldwide problem that directly or indirectly touches every one of us in multiple manners: as sufferers, in paying greater costs for merchandises and amenities, besides living with the concerns of fright and corruption. Moreover, location has a significant impact on crime.(More)
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