Akshay Gadi Patil

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Seemingly similar individuals often experience drastically different success trajectories, with some repeatedly failing and others consistently succeeding. One explanation is preexisting variability along unobserved fitness dimensions that is revealed gradually through differential achievement. Alternatively, positive feedback operating on arbitrary initial(More)
Non-photorealistic rendering techniques work on image features and often manipulate a set of characteristics such as edges and texture to achieve a desired depiction of the scene. Most computational photography methods decompose an image using edge preserving filters and work on the resulting base and detail layers independently to achieve desired visual(More)
Successes tend to accrue to people who have been successful before. Two mechanisms can explain the relationship between past and present success. Pre-existing differentiation along fitness dimensions may repeatedly direct successes toward certain subpopulations. Alternatively, success may breed success through positive feedback. Observational studies have(More)
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