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The compute resources of a grid resource-service provider may be distributed over a wide geographical area. If the resource-service provider is to use his resources effectively, in addition to the characteristics of the compute-nodes and the applications, the characteristics of the communication network must also be known. A generalized scheduler should be(More)
Secure routing of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) is still a hard problem after years of research. We therefore propose to design a secure routing protocol in a new approach. This protocol starts from a prerequisite secure status and fortifies this status by protecting packets using identity-based cryptography and updating cryptographic keys using threshold(More)
—Security in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) continues to attract attention after years of research. Recent advances in identity-based cryptography (IBC) sheds light on this problem and has become popular as a solution base. We present a comprehensive picture and capture the state of the art of IBC security applications in MANETs based on a survey of(More)
Image processing applications (IPA) requirements can be best met by using the distributed environment. The authors had developed an environment over a network of VAX/VMS and Unix for distributed image processing. The efficiency was as high as 90-95%. This paper presents an augmentation and generalization of the environment using Java and web technology to(More)
Proxy certificates (PCs) are essential in grid security infrastructure (GSI), but their revocation still remains problematic in grid environments. The mechanisms for normal end entity certificates (EEC) revocation need to be reconsidered or revised for PC revocation in grids. In this paper, we present a new framework that addresses the PC revocation problem(More)