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Trichosporon beigelii was isolated from the anal region in 45 (13%) of 343 Danish homosexual men. T. beigelii was also present on the scrotal skin of six anal carriers who were accessible for re-examination, and white piedra of the genital hair was observed in two cases. Because T. beigelii may cause systemic infections in compromised hosts it may pose a(More)
The purpose of this study has been to assess the prevalence of denture stomatitis and candida infection in an elderly Danish population. Ten percent of the population above the age of 65 in a Danish community was selected randomly. The study group consisted of 465 persons wearing a removable maxillary denture, who were examined in their homes. Yeasts were(More)
Yeasts occur commonly in the oral cavity in healthy individuals. The prevalent species is Candida albicans (about 60-70% of all isolates). C. glabrata and C. tropicalis come next, followed by other Candida species and genera (Rhodotorula, Saccharomyces, etc.) which are all of rare occurrence and transient. The yeast flora increases in many patient groups,(More)