Akram M Mahjoub

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We have performed magnetotransport measurements on a multi-layer graphene flake. At the crossing magnetic field Bc, an approximately temperature-independent point in the measured longitudinal resistivity ρxx, which is ascribed to the direct insulator-quantum Hall (I-QH) transition, is observed. By analyzing the amplitudes of the magnetoresistivity(More)
A small forbidden gap matched to low-energy photons (meV) and a quasi-Dirac electron system are both definitive characteristics of bilayer graphene (GR) that has gained it considerable interest in realizing a broadly tunable sensor for application in the microwave region around gigahertz (GHz) and terahertz (THz) regimes. In this work, a systematic study is(More)
We have performed transport measurements on a multi-layer graphene device fabricated by conventional mechanical exfoliation. By using the zero-field resistance of our graphene device as a self-thermometer, we are able to determine the effective Dirac fermion temperature TDF at various driving currents I while keeping the lattice constant fixed. Interesting,(More)
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