Akram Halli

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In This paper we presented new approach for cursive Arabic text recognition system. The objective is to propose methodology analytical offline recognition of handwritten Arabic for rapid implementation. The first part in the writing recognition system is the preprocessing phase is the preprocessing phase to prepare the data was introduces and extracts a set(More)
Ureilites are primitive achondrites that are composed mainly of olivine and pyroxenes with abundant interstitial and crosscutting carbon polymorphs, Fe-Ni metal, sulfides, and silicates. Studies of ureilites indicate that the parent body went through a series of igneous processes, while, at the same time, ureilites contain features that can only be(More)
There are a lot of difficulties facing a good handwritten Arabic recognition system such as the similarities of different character shapes and the unlimited variants in human handwriting. This paper presents a handwriting Arabic word recognition system. The objective of this approach is to propose an analytical offline recognition method of handwritten(More)
In this article, we present a technique for self-calibration of a CCD camera with constant focal distance using a planar scene. The particularity of our technique is the use of triangle equilateral which two vertices are defined from the matches detected in images taken by the camera. Using these vertices to estimate all the projection matrices which are(More)
Extrusion, bevel, chamfer, and lathe tools are widely used in a large variety of computer graphics applications such as architectural designs and industrial prototyping of manufactured goods. However, such modeling is usually based on polygonal meshes which often require a considerable amount of graphics primitives. In this article, we present a new(More)
In this paper, we propose an analytical approach of an offline recognition of handwritten Arabic. Our method is based on Hidden Markov Models (HMM) Toolkit (HTK), modeling type that takes into consideration the characteristics of Arabic script and possible inclinations of cursive words. The objective is to propose a methodology for rapid implementation of(More)
We present in this paper a system of Arabic handwriting recognition based on combining methods of decision fusion approach. The proposed approach introduces a methodology using the HMM-Toolkit (HTK) for a rapid implementation of our designed recognition system. After the image preprocessing, the text is segmented into lines, the obtained images are then(More)
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