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In this paper, on-body propagation modelling has been investigated applying various numerical computational techniques. Propagation measurements with body-worn antennas have been carried out at 2.4GHz inside and outside an anechoic chamber respectively for narrowband communication channel characterisation. Both simulation and measurement results have been(More)
Given the trend towards a user-centric concept in mobile communications, body area networks have received increasing attention within the wireless personal area community. Researchers and designers have been investigating radio propagation characterisation and modelling owing to its importance in developing and designing efficient and reliable radio(More)
— The paper presents a planar compact antenna structure used in sensors aimed at healthcare applications. Antenna performance is numerically investigated with regards to impedance matching, radiation patterns, gain and efficiency. The compact size of the sensor causes the antenna to be susceptible to variable changes caused by the presence of lumped(More)
The paper presents a compact planar antenna designed for wireless sensors intended for healthcare applications. Antenna performance is investigated with regards to various parameters governing the overall sensor operation. The study illustrates the importance of including full sensor details in determining and analysing the antenna performance. A globally(More)
The paper presents a subject-specific radio propagation study and system modeling in wireless body area networks using a simulation tool based on the parallel finite-difference time-domain technique. This technique is well suited to model the radio propagation around complex, inhomogeneous objects such as the human body. The impact of different digital(More)
— Due to the increased demand on multi-frequency and multi-function antenna to be utilised in smart clothing and future consumer-centric communication technologies, fabric and textile antenna designs have received a vast amount of attention in the last few years. The fabrication techniques and materials used in designing textile antennas play a significant(More)