Akram A. Khosroabadi

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Nanostructured ITO gratings have been used in organic solar cells to enhance light absorption in a thin active layer of PCBM:P3HT via light harvesting. An additional peak at 680-700 nm in the absorption spectrum of the active layer appears, resulting in enhanced broadband absorption compared to the planar counterpart. FDTD simulation of the cell supports(More)
The effective medium approximation is used to determine the optical constants of novel silver (Ag)/indium-tin oxide (ITO) multilayer nanopillar structures within the 300-800 nm wavelength range. The structures are modeled as inclusions in air with the pillar volume fraction at 42.4%, agreeing with SEM images of the sample. The simulated reflection intensity(More)
We present a proof of concept for tunable plasmon resonance frequencies in a core shell nano-architectured hybrid metal-semiconductor multilayer structure, with Ag as the active shell and ITO as the dielectric modulation media. Our method relies on the collective change in the dielectric function within the metal semiconductor interface to control the(More)
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