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[Sweet's syndrome].
A patient aged 50 with Sweet's syndrome combined with renal diseases is described. The clinical and pathomophological picture of the disease is described in detail. The skin process regressed afterExpand
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[The mono-oxygenase enzyme system of the liver in patients with true eczema].
Correlations between the clinical course of true eczema and liver monooxigenase system, assessed by antipyrine test, were investigated in patients suffering from the condition. The findings evidenceExpand
Syphilis as a chronic systemic infection
: During the last STDs'epidemic in Russia (1994 - 2004) over 2.7 min people have been infected with syphilis. At present the structure of syphilis morbidity is characterized by 37% of latent forms,Expand
Ciprofloxacin in the treatment of urogenital infections in women
The examination included 51 women. In 25.5 and 33.3 per cent of them gonorrhea and association of gonorrhea with trichomoniasis, chlamydiosis or ureaplasmosis and in 35.3 and 5.9 per centExpand
The typological characteristics of the nervous system and the autonomic tonus of patients with true eczema
Studies of the clinical course of true eczema and of the therapy efficacy, as well as of the typologic features of the nervous system and the vegetative tone have shown that the therapy efficacy isExpand