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OBJECTIVES To compare the efficiency of different transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS)-guided prostate biopsy techniques for detecting prostate cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS In all, 81 prostates from radical prostatectomy were used and two consecutive sets of sextant biopsies and one 10-core biopsy taken in each specimen. The 10-core biopsy consisted of a(More)
Although conventional white light endoscopy (WLE) is currently the gold standard for diagnosing bladder tumors, rates of false negative results and residual tumors after transurethral resection are relatively high. The goal of the present clinical study is to investigate whether using new water soluble hypericin (PVP-hypericin) as a fluorescent dye improves(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish a new diagnostic method for the detection and follow-up of bladder cancer that combines the principles of photodynamic diagnosis and urinary cytology. METHODS We investigated 46 patients scheduled for transurethral resection of a bladder tumor immediately before the resection was carried out. After intravesical instillation of(More)
The pathomorphosis of the diseases is changing considerably, due to the widespread application of various antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, steroids, antitumour drugs, etc. Accordingly, the classical course of the diseases is changing too, rendering by this the setting up of a proper diagnosis very difficult, especially in cases of inflammatory diseases,(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the value of transition zone and lateral sextant biopsies for the detection of prostate cancer after a previous sextant biopsy was negative. METHODS A total of 74 prostates after radical prostatectomy were used to perform biopsies ex vivo. First, a sextant biopsy was taken, then two different rebiopsy techniques were performed.(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to compare the prostate biopsy outcome by using either standard or extended cutting length of the needles. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 74 consecutive prostates from radical prostatectomy were used. Two sextant biopsies were performed ex vivo. We developed a precise simulation of a transrectal biopsy procedure using(More)
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Of the 364 patients studied by the author, in more than a third renal cancer is manifested in non-urological symptoms (anemia, increased ESR, hypertension, weight loss, pyrexia, hepatic dysfunction). The knowledge of the extrarenal symptomatology facilitates an early recognition of renal cancer.
Iterative transfusions are one of the most important mechanism of the induction as well as maintenance anti-HLA antibodies. We evaluated the evolution of PRA (panel reactive antibodies) in 46 sensitized patients during and after withdrawal of blood transfusion. Twenty nine of them (22 women and 7 men in age 38 +/- 7 years) were treated with EPO for 13 to 60(More)