Akos Lada

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Using newly collected data on association density in 229 towns and cities in interwar Germany, we show that denser social networks were associated with faster entry into the Nazi Party. The effect is large – one standard deviation higher association density is associated with at least 15% faster Nazi Party entry. Party membership, in turn, predicts(More)
Every design choice will have different effects on different units. However traditional A/B tests are often underpow-ered to identify these heterogeneous effects. This is especially true when the set of unit-level attributes is high-dimensional and our priors are weak about which particular covariates are important. However, there are often observational(More)
Does sharing the same religion, civilization or racial proximity lead to more peaceful relations between countries? This paper argues that cultural similarity can actually cause wars, which occur to combat diffusion. This new theory of war combines the models of Acemoglu and Robinson (2006) and Fearon (1995), and shows that cultural similarity can lead to(More)
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