Akos Antal

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The Dept. of Mechatronics, Optics and Information Engineering, within the project team, had built an electronic moire equipment primarily visualising and diagnosing of scoliosis. The device generates a computerized moire phenomenon, which can be viewed by an appropriate display. The applicability of the system was tested from statistical point of view based(More)
Recent results in retinal research have shown that ganglion cell receptive fields cover the mammalian retina in a mosaic arrangement, with insignificant amounts of overlap in the central fovea. This finding implies that from the informatics point of view there is a major conceptual gap between traditional and widely accepted, convolution based image(More)
From the scientific literature there are some well-known methods used to resolve the arising problem of ambiguities in moiré patterns. The main disadvantage of these methods is that for image processing one must use several patterns. It means that it is impossible to work with dynamic objects in a real-time operation mode. We present a projection method to(More)
The development in computing power highlights some forgotten algorithms, which were neglected because of their complexity and slowness on early computers. One example is the Wavelet-Transformation Profilometry (WTP) of which successful application is demonstrated in the paper. WTP is a high level signal processing method using orthogonal algorithms for huge(More)
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