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This review deals with the problem of mollusk invasions into the inland waters of the Western Siberian region. The data on all the alien species of snails and bivalves registered up to now in water bodies of the region are provided. Possible ways and mechanisms of penetration of the alien species into the Western Siberian water bodies are discussed. The(More)
The patterns of spatial variation in gastropod diversity in the waterbodies of western Siberia have been revealed. The highest species and generic diversity of freshwater gastropods is found in the waterbodies of the forest-steppe zone; from there, these parameters significantly decrease northwards, reaching their minimum beyond the polar circle. The(More)
Focus group discussions and a modeling approach were applied to determine policy and regulatory refinements for current water allocation practices in Kyrgyzstan. Lessons from the Lower Colorado River basin, Texas and New South Wales, Australia were taken into consideration. The paper analyzes the impact of adopting some of these interventions within the(More)
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