Akiyoshi Itoh

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We have previously reported our real-time elasticity imaging system and a preliminary application to breast tissue diagnosis. We now propose several post processing algorithms to stabilize the elasticity imaging, introduce a method for scoring its clinical usefulness, and report the current status of the scoring method on breast tissue diagnosis. Our newly(More)
Measuring exercise-induced muscle activity is essential in sports medicine. Previous studies proposed measuring transverse relaxation time (T(2)) using muscle functional magnetic resonance imaging (mfMRI) to map muscle activity. However, mfMRI uses a spin-echo (SE) sequence that requires several minutes for acquisition. We evaluated the feasibility of T(2)(More)
Continuous ventilatory volume monitoring for a long period is indispensable to the treatment and nursing of critically ill patients, so that the non-invasive electrical impedance method was considered to see if it could take the place of a conventional method, such as pneumotachography. This report is composed of the following parts: (a) basic studies(More)
Peripheral administration of L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) methylester increased extracellular levels of DOPA and dopamine (DA) in the rat striatum monitored by in vivo brain microdialysis. The increase in DA levels persisted after inhibition of DA reuptake by nomifensine. Administration of blockers of voltage-dependent Na+ (tetrodotoxin) or Ca2+(More)
Islet-activating protein (IAP) is one of the pertussis toxins. The ability of IAP to cause potentiation of insulin secretory responses and promotion of leukocytosis was studied in six animal species (hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and monkeys). The action of IAP on insulin secretion in the animals was estimated by three kinds of tests: effects(More)
Ischemia-induced changes in neurotransmitter release and their mechanisms were examined using cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells. When the cells were incubated in glucose-free media equilibrated with 0% O2/100% N2 (ischemia), ATP content decreased and reached the minimum level within 40 min. Control incubation was done in media equilibrated with 21%(More)
Reduced expression of the ab T-cell antigen receptor by alveolar T-cells. E. Yamaguchi, A. Itoh, K. Furuya, N. Hizawa, N. Ohnuma, N. Kodama, J. Kojima, Y. Kawakami. #ERS Journals Ltd 1999. ABSTRACT: A previous study revealed that reduced expression (modulation) of the CD3 antigen is a common characteristic of alveolar T-cells in health and disease. As CD3(More)