Akiyo Kimpara

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Although chronic voluntary physical activity has been shown to enhance hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression in animals, the effects of forced exercise on a treadmill have not been fully investigated. We assessed induction of c-fos and BDNF expression with acute exercise at different running intensities. The mRNA for c-fos, a(More)
Stable localization of the signaling complex is essential for the robust morphogenesis of polarized cells. Cell elongation involves molecular signaling centers that coordinately regulate intracellular transport and cytoskeletal structures. In Drosophila bristle elongation, the protein kinase IKKε is activated at the distal tip of the growing bristle and(More)
A new piggyBac-based gene-trap vector, pB-GT1, was constructed. pB-GT1 contains three marker genes, dsRed, Gal4, and EGFP. dsRed is under the control of the constitutive 3xP3 promoter, which induces dsRed expression wherever the vector is inserted in the host genome. The Gal4 sequence has no promoter but is preceded by the splice acceptor site so that it(More)
Signaling molecules have pleiotropic functions and are activated by various extracellular stimuli. Protein kinase C (PKC) is activated by diverse receptors, and its dysregulation is associated with diseases including cancer. However, how the undesired activation of PKC is prevented during development remains poorly understood. We have previously shown that(More)
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