Akitsu Hitomi

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We have constructed a high-resolution cytogenetic map of human chromosome 12 with 195 newly isolated cosmids by direct R-banding flourescence in situ hybridization. The fluorescent signals of 195 clones were evenly distributed throughout chromosome 12, but sublocalized preferentially to R-positive bands. This high-resolution cytogenetic map with an average(More)
The human cytidine-5′-triphosphate synthetase (CTPS) gene was mapped by a direct mapping system combined with fluorescence in situ hybridization and replicated prometaphase R-bands. By high-resolution banding analysis, the signals were localized to band 34.1–34.3 of the short arm of chromosome 1; 1p34.1–p34.3. Simple procedures for the detection of R-bands(More)
Expression of distamycin A-inducible rare fragile sites by AT-specific DNA-ligands was examined in lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from heterozygous carriers for the fra(8)(q24), fra(16)(pl2), and fra(16)(q22) sites. The sensitivity of fragile site expression to the inducers was different at these fragile sites. The expression of fra(8)(q24) was induced(More)
In order to clarify the relationship between polyploidization and the capability of phenotypic switching in the imperfect yeast Candida albicans, two types of variants were isolated as segregants from a fusant, which produced a proportion of the cell population with a higher ploidy than the rest, either in a temperature-dependent or -independent manner,(More)
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