Akitomo Nagashima

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Transcription in higher plant plastids is performed by two types of RNA polymerases called NEP and PEP, and expression of photosynthesis genes in chloroplasts is largely dependent on PEP, a eubacteria-type multi-subunit enzyme. The transcription specificity of PEP is modulated by six nuclear-encoded sigma factors (SIG1 to SIG6) in Arabidopsis thaliana.(More)
The plastid genome of higher plants contains more than one hundred genes for photosynthesis, gene expression, and other processes. Plastid transcription is done by two types of RNA polymerase, PEP and NEP. PEP is a eubacteria-type RNA polymerase that is essential for chloroplast development. In Arabidopsis thaliana, six sigma factors (SIG1-6) are encoded by(More)
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