Akito Tateishi

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Bioassay models of neural functions must lend themselves to high-throughput analysis in neural drug discovery. However, smart analysis methods for these functions have not yet been fully established. Here, we describe the development of a synapse model for cell-based biosensing. The engineered synapse model cell expresses ionotropic glutamate receptor on(More)
Cell-based biosensing is a "smart" way to obtain efficacy-information on the effect of applied chemical on cellular biological cascade. We have proposed an engineered post-synapse model cell-based biosensors to investigate the effects of chemicals on ionotropic glutamate receptor (GluR), which is a focus of attention as a molecular target for clinical(More)
This study was conducted to obtain information about the critical temperature of the spinal cord in hyperthermia produced by radiofrequency waves applied to the spine. The first component of the spinal cord evoked potential was analyzed as an indicator of spinal cord function. The spinal cords were heated by radiofrequency waves to a maximum of 47 degrees C(More)
Twenty patients with cervical spondylotic monoradiculopathy treated with anterolateral uncoforaminotomy were analysed. Spondylotic spur of the level associated with radiculopathy was revealed to be continuous from the uncovertebral joint to the posterior ridge of the vertebral body in 18 patients and was observed posterolaterally in two. Anterolateral(More)
The effects of nifedipine, 20 mg administered via a nasogastric tube, on intracranial pressure (ICP) and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) were examined. Nifedipine was administered to treat arterial hypertension (greater than 180 mm Hg, systolic). Ten measurements were made in eight patients with cerebrovascular disease or head trauma. The mean arterial(More)
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