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The electronic structure of Ag(111) quantum well films covered with a (sqrt[3]xsqrt[3]) R30 degrees Bi/Ag surface ordered alloy, which shows a Rashba spin-split surface state, is investigated with angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. The band dispersion of the spin-split surface state is significantly modified by the interaction with the quantum well(More)
A new spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectrometer was developed adopting the very-low-energy-electron-diffraction (VLEED)-type spin polarimeter. The Fe(001)p(1x1)-O film grown on MgO(001) crystal for the VLEED target yields significantly high spin-resolving power, the effective Sherman function of 0.40+/-0.02, with long lifetime and stability(More)
The electronic structure of ultrathin Ag(111) films covered with a square root(3) x square root(3)-Bi/Ag ordered alloy was investigated by means of spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Surface-state (SS) bands, spin split by the Rashba interaction, selectively couple to the quantum-well state (QWS) bands, originally spin degenerate, in the(More)
A new soft X-ray beamline, BL07LSU, has been constructed at SPring-8 to perform advanced soft X-ray spectroscopy for materials science. The beamline is designed to achieve high energy resolution (E/ΔE> 10000) and high photon flux [>10(12) photons s(-1) (0.01% bandwidth)(-1)] in the photon energy range 250-2000 eV with controllable polarization. To realise(More)
We report on a core level photoemission study of the formation of an ultrathin SiO(x) layer grown at the interface of a titanium-covered Si(001) surface. Oxygen exposure at room temperature induces a large chemical shift of the Si 2p state, predominantly assigned to Si(4+). The results indicate that a SiO(2 - δ) layer, close to the stoichiometry of SiO(2),(More)
We have developed a soft x-ray time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy system using synchrotron radiation (SR) at SPring-8 BL07LSU and an ultrashort pulse laser system. Two-dimensional angle-resolved measurements were performed with a time-of-flight-type analyzer. The photoemission spectroscopy system is synchronized to light pulses of SR and laser using a(More)
We have measured the M(2,3)VV Auger spectra of Cu(110) and studied the final state interaction following the Cu 3p core electron excitation. We have observed that the kinetic energy of the M(2,3)VV Auger electron shifts to an energy higher than that of the normal Auger electrons near the Cu 3p threshold, and it converges to the constant kinetic energy of(More)
A portable spin- and angle-resolving photoelectron spectrometer has been constructed, equipped with a newly developed compact retarding-potential Mott-scattering electron spin polarimeter with an efficiency of 1.9 x 10(-4) for a gold target. Based on Monte Carlo calculations for the spin-dependent electron-scattering process and electron ray-tracing(More)
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