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OBJECTIVE To elucidate the differences in temporal processing between positive and negative facial expressions by using event-related potentials (ERPs) with spatially filtered images. METHODS Based on the traits of parallel visual pathways, four types of facial expression images (happiness, fear, anger and neutral) with low, high and broadband spatial(More)
Airway compliance is a key factor in understanding lung mechanics and is used as a clinical diagnostic index. Understanding such mechanics in small airways physiologically and clinically is critical. We have determined the "morphometric change" and "localized compliance" of small airways under "near"-physiological conditions; namely, the airways were(More)
Based on the characters of the explicit time integration algorithm, a reliable and efficient contact element strategy, named as node-to-point contact element strategy, is proposed and applied to handle the static or quasi-static multi-deformation-body contact with friction. The Coulomb friction model governs the friction behavior with an additional limit on(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel shape and physical attribute handling system Volume-CAD designated for practical and robust use in the manufacturing process of various industries. The internal data structure 'Kitta Cube' is formalized by CW-complexes. Complex is a structure consisting of different dimensional items with consistency (without gap or(More)
With the transition of the most fundamental data in manufacturing from drawings to three-dimensional (3D) CAD (Computer Aided Design) data, we are now able to fabricate products with beautiful curved surfaces, for example, automobiles, cellular phones, etc. However, current 3D CAD involves only shape data, which consequently poses certain difficulties in(More)
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