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Although a lot, of researchers imavepointed out the significance of functional representation, the general relations between function and behavior is not fully understood yet. We consider the knowledge of each compomment in a system as consisting of two elements. One is a necessary and sufficient concept for simulation of the component which we call(More)
A Working Party on International Evaluation Cooperation was established under the sponsorship of the OECD/NEA Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) to promote the exchange of information on nuclear data evaluations, validation, and related topics. Its aim is also to provide a framework for cooperative activities between members of the major nuclear data(More)
Serum bilirubin was fractionated by a new reversed-phase " high-performance " liquid-chromatographic (HPLC) procedure , on Micronex RP-30, a polyacryl ester. The five fractions were: S (8-bilirubin, BS), y (bilirubin diglucuronide, BOG), 13 (biiirubin monoglucuronide, BMG), f3' [(ZE)-and (or) (E,2)-bilirubin lXa], and a [(Z2)-biiirubin IXa]. We found close(More)
Audio watermarking based on sinusoidal amplitude modulation, which was previously proposed by the author, has been confirmed to be robust against perceptual audio codecs, reverberations and reflections, additive noises, and lowpass filtering by computer simulation. In order to evaluate the watermarking performance, two types of listening test as well as(More)
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