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Three strains of a spore-forming, Gram-positive, motile, rod-shaped and boron-tolerant bacterium were isolated from soil. The strains, designated 10a(T), 11c and 12B, can tolerate 5 % (w/v) NaCl and(More)
The bootstrapped 16S rDNA sequence-based neighbor-joining phylogeny has suggested that the marine species of the genus Agrobacterium have no relation to the terrestrial Agrobacterium species.(More)
Seven strains of actinobacteria, isolated from soil, wounds, urine, cow faeces, human blood and butter, were characterized by a polyphasic approach to clarify their taxonomic position. On the basis(More)
A novel anaerobic, thermophilic and cellulolytic bacterium (strain CSK1(T)) was isolated from a cellulose-degrading bacterial community. On the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity, strain(More)
Two strains of curved bacteria, 7-1(T) and 7-2(T), isolated from well water, were phylogenetically examined to determine their taxonomic position. Strain 7-1(T) is a Gram-negative, slightly curved(More)