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Anterior cerebral artery end-to-end, end-to-side, and side-to-side anastomoses and grafting procedures including bypass and interposition using segments of the posterior cerebral artery harvested from the same specimen were performed. The reconstruction procedures were accomplished experimentally with the A1 and A2 segments of the anterior cerebral artery,(More)
Pressure of brain retraction was measured with a strain gauge spatula in 31 cases of 21 tumours and 10 aneurysms. They were operated on via different approaches: subfrontal (10 cases), interhemispheric (5), subtemporal (7) and suboccipital (9). The patients' age ranged from 11 to 74 years (average 50). The recorded data were averaged for every 5 minutes and(More)
A 42-year-old male presented with a prolactin-producing pituitary adenoma with an atypical radiological appearance. The tumor was incidentally found by magnetic resonance imaging, which demonstrated a cystic tumor in the enlarged and partially empty sella turcica. Computed tomography revealed the tumor was surrounded by calcification with an egg-shell(More)
A total of 55 cases with unilateral acoustic neurinoma which were operated on by the lateral suboccipital approach was studied to elucidate factors which influence postoperative hearing acuity. We analyzed several factors: preoperative hearing level, tumour size, tumour consistency (cystic or solid), and anatomical location of the cochlear nerve. The size(More)
A case of posterior fossa subdural empyema following neonatal meningitis is reported. Computerized tomography (CT) carried out on the 11th day after birth showed an obstructive hydrocephalus with diffuse cerebellar swelling. Ventricular drainage was carried out to control the hydrocephalus and antibiotics were given intravenously. A second CT scan taken on(More)
A 75-year-old male with left abducens nerve paresis presented with an ectopic pituitary adenoma invading the posterior wall of the sphenoid sinus. The sphenoidal mass grew rapidly for 6 months with left ophthalmoplegia and was partially removed via the transsphenoidal approach. The histological examination showed a benign pituitary adenoma, but the MIB-1(More)
A very rare case of desmoplastic fibroma located in the frontal bone is presented. It was discovered in a 29-year-old female who complained of a painful swelling in the right frontal region. The tumour was resected en bloc and there has been no recurrence. Findings on magnetic resonance imaging, angiography and radionuclide bone scans of the tumour are(More)
The problem of minimizing tissue damage during brain retraction was studied both experimentally in dogs and clinically with the aid of newly designed strain-gauge retractor. The pressure required to obtain a specific exposure decreased gradually with time. The average time for a 50% reduction in retraction pressure was 6.6 minutes in the earlier trials of(More)