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The present study examined the phototoxicities of a series of 7-(3-aminopyrrolidinyl) quinolones containing various substituents at position 1 (in which the substituent at R8 is a hydrogen or a halogen) by use of a mouse model. For the 7-(3-aminopyrrolidinyl) quinolones with a halogen atom at position 8, well-known substituent groups such as a cyclopropyl,(More)
Thrombin induced a shape change of UT-7/TPO, a thrombopoietin-dependent human megakaryocytic cell line. Expression of myosin light chain (MLC) kinase was negligible in UT-7/TPO cells, while Rho-kinase and protein kinase C (PKC) were detected. Thrombin stimulated both monophosphorylation at Ser19 and diphosphorylation at Thr18 and Ser19 of 20 kDa MLC, as(More)
OBJECTIVE Contact between blood and the synthetic surfaces of a cardiopulmonary bypass circuit leads to platelet activation, and resultant platelet dysfunction contributes to postoperative bleeding. We compared the effects of various platelet inhibitors on preservation of platelet function during simulated cardiopulmonary bypass circulation. METHODS Fresh(More)
Platelets are produced by megakaryocytes (MKs) through proplatelet formation (PPF), or cytoplasmic extensions, in vitro. Through the use of video-enhanced light microscopy, as well as localization of cytoskeletal proteins by confocal microscopy, the reaction of fully mature MK proplatelets, derived from murine embryonic stem cells, to various agents was(More)
Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL) is a rare T-cell lymphoma consisting of lymphoid cells that are usually bizarre and large CD30-positive cells with abundant cytoplasm and pleomorphic nuclei. At present, two types of ALCL are recognized, that is, anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)positive ALCL (ALCL, ALK ) and ALK-negative ALCL (ALCL, ALK−), although they(More)
Deletion of the long arm of chromosome 15 is known as a rare but recurrent chromosomal abnormality in myeloid malignancies. We report a novel case of minimally differentiated hypoplastic acute myeloid leukemia (AML M0) in a patient who initially had a normal karyotype, but clonal interstitial deletion of chromosome 15, del(15)(q11.2q22), coincided with(More)
Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis is a serious problem in the treatment of patients with acute leukemia. A 52-year-old woman with acute myeloid leukemia developed invasive pulmonary aspergillosis during remission induction chemotherapy. Initially, we treated her with a continuous intravenous drip infusion of amphotericin B, together with itraconazole, given(More)
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