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Membrane transporters that use energy stored in sodium gradients to drive nutrients into cells constitute a major class of proteins. We report the crystal structure of a member of the solute sodium symporters (SSS), the Vibrio parahaemolyticus sodium/galactose symporter (vSGLT). The approximately 3.0 angstrom structure contains 14 transmembrane (TM) helices(More)
The interaction of listening to words and watching sign language in short-term and long-term cochlear implant (CI) users who have learned sign language after becoming deaf was measured using PET. In short-term CI users the auditory cortex was inactive while in long-term CI users it was fully activated with the simultaneous presentation of auditory and(More)
In this paper I account for a range of facts about the position and form of arguments in Icelandic using a theory that is based on Chomsky's (1993) Minimalist program, but that incorporates morphological case as well as positional licensing. The analysis both assumes and reinforces the view that positional licensing (" abstract Case ") is independent of(More)
BACKGROUND For regenerative therapy using induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology, cell type of origin to be reprogrammed should be chosen based on accessibility and reprogramming efficiency. Some studies report that iPSCs exhibited a preference for differentiation into their original cell lineages, while others did not. Therefore, the type of cell(More)
We propose a new ad-hoc routing protocol named “PD-OLSR”(Protocol Dependent-OLSR) which makes the best of UDP and TCP, based on separate routing tables for UDP and TCP. It also enables the route selection to avoid network congestion, considering traffic conditions of nodes. In this paper, we show summary of PD-OLSR and performance evaluation.(More)
We have been proposing “NTMobile” (Network Traversal with Mobility) that realizes secure connectivity as well as mobility enabling the switching of networks during communication in IPv4 and IPv6 networks. In our conventional implementation method adopted for NTMobile, it has been rather difficult for ordinary users to use it because a kernel(More)