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Increasing effect of sodium 3-ethyl-7-isopropyl-1-azulenesulfonate 1/3 hydrate (KT1-32), a novel antiulcer agent, on gastric mucosal blood flow in anesthetized.
Effect of a novel azulene derivative KT1-32 on gastric mucosal blood flow (GMBF) was studied to elucidate its mucosal defensive mechanisms underlying the antiulcer action. The GMBF was measured byExpand
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Pharmacological Properties of KT3–671, a Novel Nonpeptide Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonist
We examined pharmacological profiles of KT3–671, 2-propyl-8-oxo-l-[(2‘-(lH-tetrazole-5-yl) biphe-nyl-4-yl)methyl]-4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-cycloheptimidazole, a newly synthesized nonpeptide angiotensin IIExpand
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Thromboxane A2 antagonistic action of a new anti-ulcer agent, azuletil sodium (KT1-32).
The TXA2/PGH2 receptor antagonistic activity of azuletil sodium (KT1-32), a new anti-ulcer agent, was examined. KT1-32 competitively antagonized the contraction of canine gastric arteries induced byExpand
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Therapeutic effect of egualen sodium (KT1-32), a new antiulcer agent, on chronic gastritis induced by sodium taurocholate in rats
We investigated the therapeutic effects of egualen sodium (KT1-32), a new antiulcer agent, on chronic erosive and atrophic gastritis induced by 5 months' administration of sodium taurocholate (TCA; 5Expand
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[General pharmacological properties of an anti-ulcer drug, azuletil sodium (KT1-32)].
Azuletil sodium (AZE, 100 mg/kg, p.o.) did not affect the general behaviors, spontaneous motor activity, pentobarbital-induced hypnosis and body temperature. Furthermore, it did not elicitExpand
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Relaxation of intestinal smooth muscle and calcium movements.
The effects of papaverine, isoprenaline and N6,2′-O-dibutyryl 3′,5′-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (DiBu.C-AMP) on calcium movements in the taenia from the guinea-pig caecum have been investigatedExpand
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Intracellular cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate and relaxing effects of isoprenaline and papaverine on smooth muscle of intestine.
Abstract The beta-adrenergic action is thought to be related to the ability of the beta-adrenergic stimulants to increase the intracellular level of cyclic adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate (cyclic AMP)Expand
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Mode of vasorelaxing action of 5-[3-[[2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-ethyl]amino]-1-oxopropyl]-2,3,4,5- tetrahydro-1,5-benzothiazepine fumarate (KT-362), a new intracellular calcium antagonist.
In rabbit aorta, pretreatment with KT-362 (KT; 10(-6) and 10(-5) M) inhibited contractile responses to norepinephrine (NE; 3 X 10(-9)-10(-5) M) and methoxamine (10(-7)-10(-4) M) but failed to affectExpand
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Antihypertensive activity and pharmacokinetics of KD3-671, a nonpeptide AT1-receptor antagonist, in renal hypertensive dogs.
The antihypertensive activity and pharmacokinetics of KD3-671 (previously named KT3-671), a nonpeptide AT1-receptor antagonist, were investigated in renal hypertensive dogs with normal or high plasmaExpand
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Effects of KT-362, a new Na and Ca influx and Ca release inhibitor, on canine ventricular arrhythmias.
Antiarrhythmic effects of the new drug KT-362, which was reported to suppress Na and Ca currents of cardiac cells and also to suppress intracellular Ca release in isolated smooth muscle preparations,Expand
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