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We present a depth-first search algorithm for generating all maximal cliques of an undirected graph, in which pruning methods are employed as in the Bron–Kerbosch algorithm. All the maximal cliques generated are output in a tree-like form. Subsequently, we prove that its worst-case time complexity is O(3 n/3) for an n-vertex graph. This is optimal as a(More)
We describe a module mechanism, which we call difference-based modules, and an object-oriented language we call MixJuice. MixJuice is an enhancement to the Java language that adopts difference-based modules instead of Java's original module mechanism. Modules are units of information hiding, reuse and separate compilation. We have completely separated the(More)
Victims of a stroke or an accident with damage on the parietal lobe can suffer from hemispatial neglect. This disorder is characterized by misperception of the space contralateral to the damaged area. Paper and pencil tests, such as line bisection tests, are used to diagnose hemispatial neglect. Unfortunately, they fail to quantify the degree of the(More)
—A perfect reconstruction of functions in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space from a given set of sampling points is discussed. A necessary and sufficient condition for the corresponding reproducing kernel and the given set of sampling points to perfectly recover the functions is obtained in this paper. The key idea of our work is adopting the reproducing(More)
—In multivariate statistical methods, it is important to identify influential observations for a reasonable interpretation of the data structure. In this paper, we propose a method for identifying influential data in the fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithm. To investigate such data, we consider a perturbation of the data points and evaluate the effect of a(More)
INTAP (Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing, Japan), CBOP (Consortium for Business Object Promotion), MEDIS-DC (Medical Information System Development Center) and JAHIS (Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry) have completed the initial phase of the Japanese Healthcare Domain Reference Enterprise Model(More)
The present study has proposed a new method for estimating the pressure head (P(t)[mm Hg]) and flow (Q(t)[L/min]) of a centrifugal pump on the basis of voltage (V(t)[V]), current (I(t)[A]), and rotational speed (N(t)[k(rpm)]) of the DC motor for a pump without any additional sensors. In the proposed estimation method, two auto-regressive exogenous (ARX)(More)
BACKGROUND Taking advantage of developed image technology, it is expected that image presentation would be utilized to promote health in the field of medical care and public health. To accumulate knowledge on biomedical effects induced by image presentation, an essential prerequisite for these purposes, studies on autonomic responses in more than one(More)