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The static and dynamic fluorescence behavior of a series of hexaalkyl benzenehexacarboxylates (R(6)BHC; R = methyl (Me), tert-butyl (tBu), (-)-menthyl (Men), (-)-bornyl (Bor), (-)-1-methylheptyl (MHp), neopentyl (neoPn), and 2-adamantyl (Ad)) was studied by steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. Dual fluorescence from both the partially(More)
We consider the nal state reinteraction of the produced hadrons in a scenario with the initial high energy nuclear interaction provided by the FRITIOF Model. The basic idea is that any produced hadron is able to reinteract in accordance with the known cross sections (using classical trajectories for the motion and an impact parameter description of the(More)
The pine sawfly Neodiprion sertifer (Geoffroy) uses the acetate or propionate of (2S,3S,7S)-3,7-dimethyl-2-pentadecanol (diprionol) as pheromone components, with the (2S,3R,7R)-isomer being antagonistic, synergistic, or inactive according to the population tested. In this study, we tested the attraction of males to the acetates of three analogs of(More)
The stereocontrol mechanism of the 2,4-pentanediol (PD)-tethered reaction was studied in detail using a reaction system consisting of phenyl and rhodium carbenoid moieties. Different tethers were examined to analyze the effects of the methyl groups on the PD tether. Among the reactions with these tethers, the PD tether achieves an unmeasurably high(More)
We present a possible collective gluon emission eeect based upon a string-like scenario (available if the QCD vacuum works like a color-superconductor type II, i.e. when the color force elds work like vortex-lines) and provide some detailed predictions on the Cronin eeect, as well as on an increased (mini)jet production in the center of phase-space in high(More)
To understand the characteristics of severe floods under global climate change, we created a design hyetograph for a 100-year return period. This incorporates a modified ranking method using the top 10 extreme rainfall events for present, near-future, and far-future periods. The rainfall data sets were projected with a general circulation model with high(More)
Freshwater cyanobacteria produce highly toxic substances such as microcystins (MCs), and water containing MCs is often discharged to downstream and coastal areas. We conducted field monitoring in Isahaya Bay to clarify the short-term dynamics of MCs discharged from a reservoir following a cyanobacteria bloom in the warm season. MCs were detected in the(More)
Linear optical spatial filtering cannot be effectively applied to multiplied and convolved signals. One approach is to first perform a logarithmic transformation to produce a signal in additive form suitable for linear filtering processes [A. V. Oppenheim et al., Proc. IEEE 56, 1264 (1968)]. It was first suggested that a halftone screen be used to perform(More)
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