Akira Tadokoro

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BACKGROUND The prediction of pathological outcomes prior to surgery remains a challenging problem for the appropriate surgical indication of prostate cancer. This study was performed to identify preoperative values predictive of pathological and oncological outcomes based on standardized extended prostate biopsies with core histological results(More)
BACKGROUND Increases in tumor marker concentrations usually suggest disease progression. CASE REPORT We here describe on 3 patients with non-small cell lung cancer whose serum concentrations of CYFRA21-1 increased in spite of successful treatment with crizotinib. Discontinuation of crizotinib resulted in a rapid decrease in serum CYFRA21-1 concentrations(More)
PATIENT Male, 83 FINAL DIAGNOSIS: Membranous glomerulonephritis Symptoms: Producting cough Medication: - Clinical Procedure: - Specialty: Nephrology. OBJECTIVE Rare disease. BACKGROUND Membranous glomerulonephritis can occur secondarily from infectious diseases. There are no reports describing membranous glomerulonephritis caused by non-tuberculous(More)
PURPOSE No lung cancer xenograft model using non-obese diabetic (NOD)-scid Il2rg (-/-) mice has been reported. The purpose of this study is to select a suitable mouse strain as a xenogenic host for testing tumorigenicity of lung cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS We directly compared the susceptibility of four immunodeficient mouse strains, c-nu, C.B-17 scid,(More)
We here describe a 50-year-old woman diagnosed with squamous cell lung cancer (SqLC) with underlying interstitial lung disease (ILD) 14 years after a diagnosis of systemic sclerosis (SSc). We reviewed the literature and collected 21 well-documented cases with SqLC associated with SSc including the present case. Several characteristics of SqLC associated(More)
BACKGROUND Phanerochaete sordida is a species of wood rotting fungus, which can degrade lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose contained in wood and other hard-to-biodegrade organic substances. However, to date, there have been no other reports demonstrating that P. sordida can infect humans. CASE PRESENTATION A 66-year-old Japanese man presented for a mass(More)
We report a case of squamous cell lung cancer with transbronchial dissemination in a 73-year-old man. Bronchoscopic examination revealed multiple bronchial mucosal nodules that existed independently of one another. We reviewed 16 previous cases of endobronchial metastasis in lung cancer. All patients were men. Among the reports that described the smoking(More)
PURPOSE The clinical features of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and interstitial lung disease (ILD) have not fully been elucidated. This study aimed to investigate the clinical features of these patients, particularly with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). METHODS Data on 218 patients with pathologically confirmed diagnoses(More)
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