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ii c 1998 Erik Winfree All Rights Reserved iii Acknowledgements This thesis reports an unusual and unexpected journey through intellectual territory entirely new to me. Who is prepared for such journeys? I was not. Thus my debt is great to those who have helped me along the way, without whose help I would have been completely lost and uninspired. There is(More)
A solid-phase method for solving the Hamiltonian path problem (HPP) is described. The method employs only fast and simple DNA operations amenable to full automation. Single-stranded DNA molecules representing paths with no city visited twice are synthesized city-by-city from the start city on the surface of a solid support. The solution can thus be found in(More)
In PNA-mediated Whiplash PCR (PWPCR), autonomous molecular computation is implemented by the recursive polymerase extension of a mixture of DNA hairpins. Like other methods based on exhaustive search, however, application to problem instances of realistic size is prevented by the exponential scaling of thesolution space. The tendency of evolving populations(More)
We propose a new type of DNA chips with logical operations executable. In DNA computing researches, some methods have been developed to represent and evaluate Boolean functions on DNA strands. By employing the evaluation methods, we are able to deal with logical operations such as logical-and and logical-or for gene expressions. By combining with the DNA(More)