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An evaluation of the conductivity profile in the somatosensory barrel cortex of Wistar rats.
Microelectrode arrays used to record local field potentials from the brain are being built with increasingly more spatial resolution, ranging from the initially developed laminar arrays to those withExpand
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An in vivo MRI Template Set for Morphometry, Tissue Segmentation, and fMRI Localization in Rats
Over the last decade, several papers have focused on the construction of highly detailed mouse high field magnetic resonance image (MRI) templates via non-linear registration to unbiased referenceExpand
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Pitfalls in the dipolar model for the neocortical EEG sources.
For about six decades, primary current sources of the electroencephalogram (EEG) have been assumed dipolar in nature. In this study, we used electrophysiological recordings from anesthetized WistarExpand
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Coupling between gamma oscillation and fMRI signal in the rat somatosensory cortex: Its dependence on systemic physiological parameters
The simultaneous recordings of neuronal and hemodynamic signals have revealed a significant involvement of high frequency bands (e.g., gamma range, 25-70 Hz) in neurovascular coupling. However, theExpand
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Regional gray matter volume increases following 7days of voluntary wheel running exercise: A longitudinal VBM study in rats
The effects of physical exercise on brain morphology in rodents have been well documented in histological studies. However, to further understand when and where morphological changes occur in theExpand
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Large-Scale Heterogeneous Representation of Sound Attributes in Rat Primary Auditory Cortex: From Unit Activity to Population Dynamics
Recent evidence indicates the existence of pyramidal cells (PCs) and interneurons with nontrivial tuning characteristics for sound attributes in the primary auditory cortex (A1) of mammals. TheseExpand
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Convection-enhanced delivery of SN-38-loaded polymeric micelles (NK012) enables consistent distribution of SN-38 and is effective against rodent intracranial brain tumor models
Abstract Convection-enhanced delivery (CED) of therapeutic agents is a promising local delivery technique that has been extensively studied as a treatment for CNS diseases over the last two decades.Expand
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Brain oscillations: ideal scenery to understand the neurovascular coupling.
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review discusses our current understanding of the neurovascular coupling in the neocortex with particular emphasis on brain oscillations. RECENT FINDINGS After two decades ofExpand
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The Rich-Club Organization in Rat Functional Brain Network to Balance Between Communication Cost and Efficiency
Network analyses of structural connectivity in the brain have highlighted a set of highly connected hubs that are densely interconnected, forming a "rich-club" substrate in diverse species. Here, weExpand
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Concurrent observations of astrocytic Ca(2+) activity and multisite extracellular potentials from an intact cerebral cortex.
In basic neuroscience, the attention has been recently focused on the role played by the protoplasmic astrocytes in modulating the activity of nearby neurons or else on assisting aExpand
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