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— Three-dimensional (3D) measurement is an important means for robots to acquire information about their environment. Structure from Motion is one of these 3D measurement methods. The 3D reconstruction of objects in the environment can be obtained from pictures captured with single camera in Structure from Motion. Furthermore, the camera motion can be(More)
We examined the relation between coffee drinking and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) mortality in the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study for Evaluation of Cancer Risk (JACC Study). In total, 110,688 cohort members (46,399 male and 64,289 female subjects) aged 40-79 years were grouped by coffee intake into three categories: one or more cups per day, less than(More)
We examined hepatocellular carcinoma mortality in relation to coffee consumption and anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibody seropositivity in a nested case-control study involving 96 cases. The multivariate-adjusted odds ratios (95% confidence interval) for daily coffee drinkers vs non-drinkers were 0.49 (0.25-0.96), 0.31 (0.11-0.85), and 0.75 (0.29-1.92) in(More)
We evaluated the interaction between hepatitis C virus (HCV) and cigarette smoking on death from hepatocellular cancer in The Japan Collaborative Cohort Study. The odds ratio of death from HCC for smoking was 9.60 (1.50-61.35) and 1.71(0.58-5.08) among anti-HCV positive and negative individuals, respectively.
The development of alcohol use disorder (AUD) is related to various social, economic, cultural, environmental and hereditary factors. Several potential risk factors have been proposed for AUD in addition to alcohol consumption, including alcohol dehydrogenase2 (ADH2), acetaldehyde dehydrogenase2 (ALDH2), marital status, educational, occupational or past(More)
A 38-year-old man was admitted with coingestive heart failure due to infective endocarditis. Echocardiography with color Doppler imaging revealed severe aortic regurgitation, mitral valve premature closure and diastolic mitral regurgitation. The flow of the diastolic mitral regurgitation was directed to the posterior wall of the left atrium through just(More)