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Three-dimensional (3D) measurement is an important means for robots to acquire information about their environment. Structure from Motion is one of these 3D measurement methods. The 3D reconstruction of objects in the environment can be obtained from pictures captured with single camera in Structure from Motion. Furthermore, the camera motion can be(More)
The sea surface wind speed (SSWS) derived by a microwave radiometer can be contaminated by changes of the brightness temperature owing to the angle between the sensor azimuth and the wind direction (Relative Wind Direction effect: RWD effect). have pointed out that the brightness temperature (BT) can change according to the angle between the sensor azimuth(More)
found no measurable bias (defined as GLI minus AMSR), while the standard deviation of difference is less than 1°C. In low water vapor conditions, the GLI SST has a positive bias less than 0.2°C, and in high water vapor conditions, it has a negative (positive) bias during the daytime (nighttime). The low spatial resolution of AMSR is another factor(More)
In this review, we focus on findings obtained with biophysic techniques, Fourier transformed infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and phosphorus-31 solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (31P solid-state NMR) spectroscopy, which may allow us to evaluate bone quality and to predict bone strength. FTIR measures the absorption energy that produces an increase in the(More)
BACKGROUND Various studies have revealed that cervical cancer (CC) screening significantly reduces both CC incidence and mortality in developed countries. Although Japan introduced a nationwide government funded annual CC screening for the women aged 30+ in 1982, the effectiveness of CC screening on CC mortality has not yet been evaluated by any prospective(More)
The development of alcohol use disorder (AUD) is related to various social, economic, cultural, environmental and hereditary factors. Several potential risk factors have been proposed for AUD in addition to alcohol consumption, including alcohol dehydrogenase2 (ADH2), acetaldehyde dehydrogenase2 (ALDH2), marital status, educational, occupational or past(More)