Akira Sakuma

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A new method for disinfection of microorganisms by electrochemically regenerated periodate was developed. Oxidation of iodate to periodate was observed at 1.25 V versus a silver/silver chloride electrode in a cyclic voltammogram of potassium iodate. When 1.25 V was applied in 1.0 mM potassium iodate, approximately 4-log inactivation of Escherichia coli was(More)
To investigate the role of proprioceptors of different skeletal muscles in postural control, in normal subjects and patients with unilateral labyrinthine dysfunction (ULD), the effect of vibration on these muscles was studied by postulography. The subjects comprised 59 normal subjects and 12 patients with ULD due to resection of acoustic tumours. Sagittal(More)
A multicenter double-blind placebo-controlled study of cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine (CDP-choline) was conducted to evaluate possible clinical benefits of the drug in patients with acute, moderate to severe cerebral infarction. The patients included also suffered from moderate to mild disturbances of consciousness, and all were admitted within 14 days of the(More)
Patients with chronic hepatitis C who are infected with hepatitis C virus of genotype 1b and have a high viral load in serum (>1 Mega equivalents/ml) poorly respond to interferon with the standard regimen. Natural interferon-alpha (nIFN-alpha: OPC-18) was given to 106 such patients randomized into two different therapeutic schedules. One group consisting of(More)
Electron density of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) is effectively modified by hexaiodobenzene (HIB) molecules using liquid-phase adsorption. UV-Vis-NIR absorption spectra of the HIB-adsorbed SWCNT, especially in the NIR region, showed a disappearance of S11 transitions between the V1 valance band and the C1 conduction band of van Hove singularities(More)
To investigate and compare the roles of proprioceptive input from the leg, thigh, trunk and neck muscles on equilibrium, we performed static posturography in 50 normal subjects in the standing position on a force platform by applying vibratory stimulations to the muscles. The length of the displacement of the center of gravity, maximum sway length and sway(More)
Some fundamental considerations are described on the parameters in clinical drug evaluation, and on the combination of them into a judgement on the usefulness of the drug. Regardless of the types of study, informal exploratory or formal controlled study, we must recognize that we work in the clinical field where many pitfalls of variability and bias are(More)
A double-blind multiclinic trial compared the efficacies of pyridinolcarbamate and inositol niacinate in the patients with the ischemic ulcer due to chronic arterial occlusion. A thrice-daily dose of 1.5 g of pyridinolcarbamate or 1.2 g of inositol niacinate was given at random to the patients during cold seasons, and the effectiveness of treatment was(More)