Akira Muramatsu

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In a study of senile degenerative lesions-including Alzheimer's neurofibrillary changes, senile plaques and amyloid angiopathy-the hippocampal area of the brain was examined by thioflavine T fluorescence microscopy in 146 consecutive autopsy patients over the age of 49. The incidence and quantity of neurofibrillary changes and senile plaques rose with age,(More)
Key Words Acute pancreatitis · Pegylated interferon · Ribavirin · Chronic hepatitis C, high serum hepatitis C viral RNA · Genotype 1b · Tumor necrosis factor-α · Interleukin-6 · Drug-induced pancreatitis Abstract Acute pancreatitis, an uncommon side effect of pegylated interferon α (PEG-IFN α) and ribavirin (RBV) combination therapy, has rarely been(More)
Diamond points and tungstencarbite burs are used as the dental cutting tools for many appliance accordingly with the many purpose of used positions. Notwithstanding that the dental cutting tools have been usually applied for many purpose of dental treatment, the paper on these studies have scarcely been reported. In this studies the test of dental cutting(More)
Motor impersistence is the term introduced by Fisher to describe the inability to sustain certain simple voluntary acts such as keeping eyes closed, protruding the tongue etc. He considered it a specific, nondominant hemisphere symptom, but some investigators denied its relationship to the right hemisphere damage. We considered that this difference might(More)
Load analysis of abutment teeth have been treated as the two abutment teeth problems, which are subjected on the concentrated and distributed loading conditions. And we considered the numerical analysis for these problems. Abutment teeth are supported with elastic condition, which are normal deflection and rotational movements. This paper shows the(More)
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